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Catawba Lodge History of the A-1

459 CatawbaThe A1 was created by Gene Grimes, one of the founders of Catawba Lodge in recognition of Ordeal Candidates.  The design of the A1 includes the hornet’s nest, which is the totem of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  The long running Catawba Lodge tradition of the hornet’s nest with the crossed peace pipe and tomahawk, and including the red arrow running through the three “W”’s has always appeared on all of Catawba’s standard flap issues.  The name of the Lodge “Catawba” comes from the Native American Tribe of this region who called themselves the “Catawba’s”.  What a lot of the brothers in the section do not realize about the A-1 is that there were only 180 of these produced.  They were only around for about a year before we went to the F1.

Contributed by Lodge Editor Larry Banks
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