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Croatan Lodge 117 F1

While many OA lodges began issuing flap shape patches in 1957 and 1958, Croatan Lodge did not issue its first flap until 1960.  This cut-edge, twill flap had a design similar to the lodge’s series of arrowhead, odd shape patches that were used from 1953 – 1959.  There is a skinny, blue deer jumping inside a red circle.  The Blue Book identifies three specific varieties of the F1.  They are differentiated by the deer’s antler and the thickness of the lettering.  This design was used until 1963 when a more colorful, rolled edge twill flap was issued.

Collectors find it difficult to find unused Croatan Lodge 117 F1 flaps.  Early Arrowmen recall that the flaps were restricted to “one per life”.  Most flaps were sewn to uniforms and fifty years later they are hard to find.

Visit the Croatan Lodge website to learn more.

Croatan Lodge 117 F1

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