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Revenge of the Hornets – Killer Catawba Flaps

One of the hardest flaps in the collection of Catawba Lodge Flaps to find, the S-14 had a production run of 200 units and was designed and produced to honor the 30th  Anniversary of Catawba Lodge.

Catawba S14

The S-17,known as the upside down triangle, is the hardest flap in the Lodge Collection for collectors to find.  Produced in 1982 with a production run of 150, only 6 had been issued when the Lodge Quartermaster noticed the triangle was upside down. The remaining 144 flaps were to be sent back to the manufacturer to be destroyed, however this did not happen and the S-17 began circulating in the patch trading community.

Catawba S17

The Lodge's LEB in the early part of 1987, decided the Lodge needed a service flap. The flap was designated S-28 and 400 units were produced.  You could earn the flap by completing a set number of services hours at camp Grimes.  During the distribution of the flaps, it was noticed that several of the flaps had been misprinted with Lodge #46 instead of #459.  Some of these misprinted flaps were given to brothers that had earned them.  Like the S-17, the remaining misprints were to be returned to the manufacturer to be destroyed but it is unknown if this took place.

Catawba S28

Contributed by Lodge Editor Larry Banks
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