2014 Dixie Fellowship Design From Santee 116 Host

2014-Dixie-PrimaryIt is not official yet but it looks like the lodge leadership has settled on this design for their 2014 Dixie proposal.  The design was originally done by C.J. McIlrath and refined by well known graphic artist Todd Knaperek from Tsali 134.  The proposed theme for the event is "United In A Life Of Cheerful Service" and the design features a completely original version of the lodge's totem, the Carolina Parakeet.  At this time it is not known what types of memorabilia will be proposed.  However, it is almost certain that there will be a version of this design as a staff patch and a ghosted patch.  This will be the 8th time that the Dixie has been hosted by Santee Lodge 116 at Camp Coker.  Ironically the Cardinal Conclave will be hosted the same weekend in the bordering council to the east.  Klahican Lodge 331 of the Cape Fear Council (Wilmington, NC) will host the 2014 conclave at Camp Bowers in White Oak, NC.  You could drive from one camp to the other in just under 2 hours so it will be fun to see how many people try to visit both events.

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