Atta Kulla Kulla Leather Flaps

As a fund raiser for our lodge, the Atta Kulla Kulla ECM decided to make a leather flap for our lodge. Both were designed as exact duplicates of our standard lodge 185 flap. The “leather” flap was a pre order for $20 and was made first available at our 2013 Fall Fellowship. The leather flaps each had a serial number ranging from 1 through 200. Each serial number was engraved on the front of the leather flap. There were 201 of the “leather” flaps made and each one had a serial number engraved on the flap. The 201 flap was a prototype with three “***”, instead of a true serial number. Serial numbers 1, 100, 185 , and 200 were set to be auctioned at the next Patch/Memorabilia auction to be held at 2014 Spring Fellowship at Camp Old Indian.

Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge 185 Leather Flap

Submitted by Lodge Editor David Hollar
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