Chapters of Klahican 6-Patch Set

Introducing Klahican Lodge 331's latest fundraiser: The Chapters of Klahican Lodge 331 Patch Set!

Download (PDF, 97KB)

Klahican Lodge is pleased to offer this set of unique chapter patches. Each set includes all six patches: five pocket flaps and one back patch. The pocket flaps will fit around the pentagon-shaped back patch. The pocket flaps represent the chapters within the lodge, and each one was designed by a member of that chapter. All sets will be individually numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Sets are $45 each, with an $8 shipping and handling fee. Please refer to the order form below for payment options and patch set designs. These sets are being sold by pre-order only. No order deadline has been announced at this time.

Thank you for supporting Klahican Lodge!

Information shared by Andrew Otelsberg on the Facebook NC Patch Collectors Group