Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode #7: How To Spread the Patch Bug

In this episode recorded for Boy Scout memorabilia collectors Hank Birdsong and Jason Spangler talk about ideas for getting people interested in the hobby.

Hank shares a tip that I don't see a lot of seasoned collectors using - bringing your framed collection to display at Scouting events. By doing this you show people what's out there and what they can collect.

Jason shares that in order to get started many people are going to want to have a reference guide. In the case of Order of the Arrow lodges many have patch history books including Santee 116, Muscogee 221, Croatan 117 and Atta Kulla Kulla 185 to name a few. It always helps for people to have a checklist to collect from.

Hank has been one of the pioneers in making patch reference books. He regularly updates a book for his home lodge of Tsali 134 and makes copies available for free at events. Hank and also created books show every lodge flap issued for lodges in SR-5 and SR-7B which covers the Carolinas and two lodges in GA.

Jason offers the advice that as advanced collectors we should always be available to give guidance and appraisals so that new collectors will not fear getting ripped off. This goes along the lines of the classic advice in the hobby that before you make a trade it's okay to ask someone's opinion.

Hank wraps up the episode sharing a story from his own personal experience of how collectors can plant a seed.