Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode 9: Having Fun With Side Collections

If you are bitten by the patch bug then one way to treat your illness is to develop fun and inexpensive side collections that you can work on at any time. Hank Birdsong has done this by starting up a collection of cancer awareness patches issued by the Boy Scouts. The whole point here is use your imagination. A hobby should be fun so why not make it fun by chasing after patches that you find interesting.

Jason goes way back to his first Jamboree in 1989 and shows a side collection that he started - BSA patches with the Confederate flag on them. Hank has many side collections including wooden nickels, felt patches, generic "Your Council Name Here" patches and more.

As someone who does a lot of trading at the big national events Jason shows an idea he has to keep one souvenir patch from every event.

So the lesson here from the hosts is have fun and don't give yourself a side collection, or two or three that you can play with when your core collection hits a wall.