Early Nayawin Rar Membership Pin

charles_sashI recently acquired a merit badge sash from Charles B. who earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1942 in Tuscarora Council. In our conversation regarding his scouting days he commented on being inducted into the Order of the Arrow with his younger brother during summer camp in 1945. Soon after the camp season had ended, he was off to college and was never involved in the scouting program again. He stated the only item he had remaining from his scouting days was his merit badge sash which also contained his Order of the Arrow pin. He recalled no other insignia related to the OA.

This was very interesting so I did some research on the first days of Nayawin Rar Lodge.

According to the supply list for the new Lodge, a total of five 1st honor pins were sent to the Lodge – mailed on June 5th, 1945. There would have most likely been subsequent orders, but we at least have documentation there were some available to be issued.

This was standard practice according to the “Local Lodge Manual” (scan from the 1939 printing).

Additionally, we can be fairly certain no lodge patches were made before The beginning of September since Bob Wolff (founder of Nayawin Rar Lodge) wrote H. Lloyd Nelson (National Chief) asking for the translation of the Lodge Totem – the Night Hawk – in a letter dated August 23, 1945 (inferred in the response from Mr. Nelson dated August 27th).

Although many of us cherish the first patches from our lodges, it should be understood that some of the initial Lodge members never received a patch – only a small silver arrow…

Special thanks to Marty Tschetter and Camp Raven Knob Historical Association.


Andy Stevens