Eswau Huppeday Wraps Up Its Big Golden Birthday

This year has been special for Eswau Huppeday Lodge, we have had a year full of fun events and memorabilia that we have enjoyed in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Two more pieces of memorabilia that were issued includes a fully embroidered backpatch along with a beautiful embroidered neckerchief. Both pieces were pre-ordered and very few quantities were made of either one. These two pieces should only get more valuable as time goes by.

IMAG0662_1 IMAG0660_1
The last patch issued for our 50th anniversary, it is the same size as the sash patch issued earlier but has the addition of "outstanding arrowman". These were given out by the lodge chief to honor arrowman at our annual lodge banquet.


Submitted by Lodge Editor David Barger and Eswau Huppeday Lodge Adviser David Cody
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