Is The Occoneechee Lodge 104 X1 An Activity Issue?

From the brochure, "Explorer Scouts and Scouters attending the Council Camporee were introduced to the new basic Emblem approved by the Camping and Activities Committee.  Here's the plan with details.  The basic Emblem with Council name and year will be given to Explorer Scout and Scouter as they attend the activity or meet the requirements.  Initialed segments will be given to represent the activity."  The segments cost 10 cents each.  The requirements for the OA segment read, "Attend Order of the Arrow Encampment".

Extensive research revealed that the Lodge leadership both youth and adult were on board with the planning of this project. They hoped to raise attendance at lodge encampments/functions. Lodge members were on the Camping Committee that approved the entire project, and were persistent on the lodge having a segment.  OA Segment was issued for attending OA encampment not for being a dues paid member. (taken from Facebook discussion with permission)

104-a 104-b 104-c

Contributed by Wayne Farrar of Hammerstone Scout Museum
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