Santee Lodge 2022 Activity Patch Set

For going on a decade now the lodge has issued an activity patch set. In 2022 the designer, William Duffell, went with a "teardrop" design which throws back to patches that have been issued as far back as the 1974 Fall Fellowship. There are 5 patches in the set. This is one less than all the sets over recent years. For more than 50 years Santee Lodge hosted a week of camp just for Order of the Arrow members. This OA Week was the lifeblood of the lodge from the late 1950s through 2018. Sadly, the 2019 event was cancelled due to low registration numbers. The 2020 event was cancelled along with everything planned for that summer due to COVID. The council leadership made the decision not to run summer camp in 2021 which likewise meant there would be no OA Week. So the 2022 set does not include an OA Week patch obviously which is the end of a long tradition.