The New Lodge 104 Venturing Flap (X73)

The new X-73 odd shape patch was issued at Pow-Wow a few weeks ago. This was made specifically for the new Venturing uniform. I has been brought to my attention that we may just have a variety in this issue….OH NO!!! Collectors can decide for themselves whether or not it is or it isn’t.

104 Venture Flap a

The difference is a thin white line across the top of the thunderbirds head. See blow-ups for that particular detail. In the 104 Collector’s Guide we will be calling these X73a (solid purple head) and X73b (thin white line on head). Other collectors might just say MVE if they do not collect variations.

104 Venturing compared

Submitted by Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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Like y’all need a variation, Greg!! Lol

David Barger - March 28, 2014

Greg I got this question emailed to me “Can Lodge members also wear this “Flap” on the BSA Pocket Flap or is it “restricted” to the Venturing Pocket Flap?”

Jason Spangler - March 28, 2014

I guess they can wear it if they want too but it’s way too long for the regular BSA uniform pocket. The patch is 5.75 x 1.5

Greg Grimes - March 28, 2014

I would NOT list it as a variety. I looked at a few that I had and there seems to be a bit of variation in the white line–basically I have at least one with a white line maybe wider than the one shown here, one with no white line, and a bunch more that are in between. This seems to be on the order of normal manufacturing variance, particularly since we know there was a single flap order from a single manufacturer.

I’d list this as “MVE – Wht background may be visible above head of T-bird” – rather than as “a” and “b” varieties. My instinct is to avoid specifying varieties when the difference is effectively continuous–that is, when there are some that are clearly one type or another but plenty that are in between the two.

Dave Scocca - March 30, 2014