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The Big 3 From Un A Li’yi – J. Rucker Newbery’s Flaps

Throughout the 1960's Unali'yi Lodge had a very active and award winning dance team. In 1962, Chief Newbery awarded dance team and pageant participants with the IP '62 or Indian Pageant flap. It is estimated there were about one hundred flaps made and given to participants.

J. Rucker Newbery's Indian Pageant 1962 Flap

J. Rucker Newbery's Indian Pageant 1962 Flap

The 1963 Dancers flap was given to the lodge dance team after winning the group dance at the 1963 Area 6-C conference. There were only fifty flaps made!

Un A Li'yi S3 Flap - 1963 Dancers

Un A Li'yi S3 Flap - 1963 Dancers

The dance team took the group dance at the 1967 6-C and once again were awarded with a flap. It is believed that only twenty five of the 1967 Dancers were made.These three flaps have been, and always will be, the cornerstones for a Lodge 236 collection.

236 dancers 1967

Contributed by Lodge Editor Gary Towles
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Methinks Gary should get his facts straight before publishing something on line. The quantities he listed were guesses which he more than likely got from me. However, no one I’ve ever talked to could give me exact quantities of how many were made. Also, I wouldn’t refer to them as Newbery’s patches. They were lodge specialty patches. As our Supreme Chief he more than likely approved the first two but was retired when the third came out. I could comment further on what I do know about these three issues but I couldn’t guarantee the correctness so I won’t comment any further. Suffice it to say they are three rare issues and I would guess there are more of them in the hands of collectors outside our lodge than inside.

Rusty Riddle - November 30, 2013