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Santee Lodge Event Patch Sets 2017-2021

For nearly a decade (starting in 2013) Santee Lodge has issued themed event sets for all event patches. Because of the way patch companies produce patches this usually means the lodge orders the sets at the beginning of the year (typically 300 of each) and they are sold during the year. Ironically this has meant …Read More

Tsali Exceptional Service Flap

Tsali Lodge pocket flap- S40 “Exceptional Service” Only 20 of this rare issue exist, all are numbered and have a notarized certificate of authenticity with embossed Tsali Lodge seal. Flaps were sold originally for $200 each. This is only the second time that this issue has been offered on eBay. Only two of these rare …Read More

Klahican Memorabilia Guide Online – Michael Ryan Author

Another lodge has a free online memorabilia guide available to help collectors dive in deep. I’ve had this particular book on my shelf for many years since I spent 18 years living in the footprint of the Cape Fear Council. Michael Ryan first introduced this book as a three hole punch all color book several …Read More

1973 Dixie Fellowship Neckerchief A Rare Find

Many Dixie collectors were keeping their eyes on the auction featuring the rare 1973 Dixie neckerchief to see if she would hold her value. Let’s just say the question was answered in the affirmative. This n/c has a neat story for collectors. In 1973 the host lodge was pretty tight with their ordering of memorabilia. …Read More

Killer Skyuka For Sale

A good friend of mine is forced to part with two of his prized pieces in order to pay a bill. The Skyuka R1 and the X1. The round is one of those mythical SC OA patches that is on numerous needs lists. The X1 is from the 1950s and is considered their first issue. …Read More

Skyuka Lodge 100 percent Brotherhood Conversion

Skyuka Lodge 100 percent Brotherhood Conversion This was originally shared by Brad Hutto to John Pannell on the blog. Skyuka lodge has issued a rather unusual flap that I expect will be hard for collectors to obtain. This is their new 100% Brotherhood Conversion flap. Brad reports that this flap is earned if 100% …Read More