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Muscogee Lodge 116 First Patch Designs

At the end of 2022 Muscogee Lodge 221 and Santee Lodge 116 merged as the councils had already tied the knot in August of that year. At a joint Winter Banquet held on January 7, 2023 in Sumter, SC the youth of the new lodge voted on bi-laws and elected officers for the coming year. …Read More

Dixie Fellowship History (20 Years Ago!)

Dixie Fellowship History The following was the original information that I shared on my first website in a section titled Dixie Fellowship. This was my attempt to kinda summarize some history and outline the memorabilia for the event. The last edit on this information was February 8, 2002 so yes 20 years later it’s …Read More

Santee Lodge 2022 Activity Patch Set

For going on a decade now the lodge has issued an activity patch set. In 2022 the designer, William Duffell, went with a “teardrop” design which throws back to patches that have been issued as far back as the 1974 Fall Fellowship. There are 5 patches in the set. This is one less than all …Read More

Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode #12: Un A Li’yi BOLO Holy Grail Issues

Matthew Delk joins me to talk about some of the rarest items from Un A Li’yi Lodge 236. But these are not your typical pieces. Matt has come up with eclectic list of items for you to be on the look out for. Many of the items featured in the video come from his 30+ …Read More

OA 560 Tsungani Chapter Flap

Eswau Huppeday Lodge 560 Tsungani Chapter Flap Copied from oaimages blog: David Cody reminds us of a piece that has escaped Blue Book listing for a couple of decades. This piece was issued by Tsungani chapter and is very rarely seen. Few were made. I have to wonder if any made it outside of the …Read More

Santee Lodge Event Patch Sets 2017-2021

For nearly a decade (starting in 2013) Santee Lodge has issued themed event sets for all event patches. Because of the way patch companies produce patches this usually means the lodge orders the sets at the beginning of the year (typically 300 of each) and they are sold during the year. Ironically this has meant …Read More