2014 Dixie Fellowship – Tsali Lodge 134 Flap


Here is a new design for the Tsali Lodge 2014 Dixie Contingent designed by Todd Knaperek. The flap has not yet been issued, this is a production scan from the patch company. The flap will be sold on the first day of Dixie fellowship.

Todd went a little retro, putting the old five Indians (Tsali, Tsali's Brother, Utsala and Tsali's sons for the uninitiated) on a palmetto-topped hill overlooking the Pee Dee River basin at sunset. Knowing that the Pee Dee Area Council and Santee are struggling and may end up being merged into other councils, he tried to incorporate both the region and the totem into the design: the silhouette of a parakeet flying (a little nod to our Santee host lodge brethren) and the palmettos and river. The Tsali totem is ghosted into the sunset (the black outline is just for reference purposes).

Submitted by Website Editor Hank Birdsong
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