History of Section SR-7B – The OA Comes to North Carolina

SectionBackpatch_smallThe OA comes to North Carolina

In early 1933 Greensboro Council hired a new Scout Executive, Frank W. Braden.  He was an experienced professional Scouter having worked in Birmingham, Alabama.  While there he was a charter member of their Order of the Arrow Lodge, Cherokee Lodge 50.  In a Special Camp Bulletin he advised Scout leaders that the “Order of the Arrow – National Honor Campers Fraternity” would be installed at Camp Graystone.  That summer thirteen charter members formed a new lodge.

The lodge was initially listed as “Graystone” Lodge and when numbers were assigned in 1935 it was assigned #70.  In 1936 the lodge chose the name “Tali Taktaki”.  The lodge formed a Degree Team (ceremonial team) which assisted with the installation of several local lodges.   In September 1936 Bob Wolff of Greensboro attended the Grand Lodge Meeting at Treasure Island Camp.  He was the first OA member from North Carolina to attend this event.

In 1937 Tali Taktaki Lodge’s Degree Team installed Occoneechee Lodge #104.  Tali Taktaki Lodge held its annual banquet in April 1938.  Their guest speaker was Joseph H. Brinton, National Chief of the OA.  There were representatives from East Carolina Council and Winston-Salem in attendance.  As a result of this meeting these councils applied for charters in June 1938.  Tali Taktaki’s Degree team installed both Croatan Lodge #117 and Wahissa Lodge #118 that summer.

In 1939 Cherokee Council chose to add a lodge and Tali Taktaki inducted new members at Camp Graystone that formed Tslagi Lodge #163.  In 1941 Uwharrie Council started Uwharrie Lodge #208.  In 1945 Tuscarora Council hired Bob Wolff as their Scout Executive.  He chartered Nayawin Rar Lodge #296.  In 1946 Cape Fear Council chartered Klahican Lodge #331.

This is an excerpt from A History of Section SR-7B written by Rick Horne.  Click the link to download the 8-page PDF.

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