New Variation on Catawba Lodge Vigil Guide Dangle Patch

The first ever Catawba "guide patch" was the honored Elangomat S-63 flap. This was first released in 1998 and was only able to be earned after successfully elangomat-ing for a clan during an Ordeal Weekend. A limited quantity of only 300 were produced.

In the following year, the S-64 Vigil Guide flap was first awarded to the Catawba 1999 Vigil Guide Class.

*The Vigil Guide flap is the ONLY Catawba flap to break the pattern following the basic hornets nest, WWW, red arrow, and "Catawba Lodge 459" in red thread design (from S-58 to S-93). This pattern remained consistent in the final nine O, B, & V Catawba flaps; spanning from 1999 to early 2008.

The way to immediately see the difference, is to be looking for yellow threaded words at the bottom of an OBV flap. This wording takes out the word "Lodge" .... shorting it to "Catawba 459" on the left side, and adding "Vigil Guide" on the bottom right of the flap.

The vast majority of these Catawba "guide flaps" (S-63 & S-64) disappeared into personal collections after they were earned and presented. It did not take long for these flaps to run out, due to how small of quantities were produced of each.

After the initial 100 "Vigil Guide" S-64 flaps ran out, Catawba made a transition to dangles being awarded for a Vigil Guide's service. Again, these awards were only awarded after the completion of all predetermined requirements, with his (or he) respective Vigil Candidate.

Catawba Vigil Guide X-3a & X-3b (Front)

Catawba Vigil Guide X-3a & X-3b (Front)

In Fall of 2003 the first Vigil Guide X-3 dangles were awarded. Ten years later, in the Fall of 2013, a reordered batch of these were first released. While they look very similar, there are a few differences worth mentioning. The X-3b's were produced by a different patch company.

Catawba Vigil Guide X-3a & X-3b (Back)

Catawba Vigil Guide X-3a & X-3b (Back)

Contributed by Lodge Editor Danny Ryan
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