Keyauwee Lodge 70 S1 and S2

At the beginning of 1992 Keyauwee Lodge 70 was formed from the merger of Tali Taktaki Lodge 70 and Uwharrie Lodge 208.  The first event that the members of the two lodges attended was the 1992 SE-7 Section Conclave held at Cherokee Scout Reservation on April 10 – 12.  The new lodge did not receive its first flaps before the event and only had a t-shirt with the lodge name and number on it.  Following the conclave the lodge received a supply of two flaps.

The two flaps had the same design, a river otter resting on a graystone.  A large quantity was received with a dark green border.  This was available to all lodge members and was designated as the First Flap, the S1.  The second flap had a white border and there was a small number made (maybe 300?).  The S2 flap was restricted to three per member that attended the Section Conclave.  Eligible members could pick up the flaps during the spring and at summer camp.  The S2 flap is the rarest of the six flaps issued by Keyauwee Lodge during its 2½ years of existence.

Keyauwee Lodge 70 Lodge S1 First Flap

Keyauwee Lodge 70 Lodge S1 First Flap

Keyauwee 70 S2

Keyauwee Lodge 70 S2

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I distinctly remember trading for both flaps at the 92 conclave, I also remember discussion of which flap really would be s1 as they were both issued at same time.

David Cody - February 15, 2014