Santee Lodge 116 First Issue Patch – The Arrowhead

IMG_4127The first lodge emblem did not come out until 1955. This patch is in the shape of an arrowhead and is commonly called the "Arrowhead". Prior to this time members only had their white sashes and dangle pin to distinguish them as brothers in the Order of the Arrow. The "Arrowhead" was ordered to have a lodge emblem to wear while hosting the 1955 Dixie Fellowship at Camp Coker. This event was a meeting of all the lodges in the surrounding areas where special competitions and events would occur. Ed Fowler, who was the professional in charge of the lodge at the time, helped with the design and ordered the patches. It featured a Carolina Parakeet from Audubon's famous painting sitting on a red arrow with word "Santee" across the bottom. The arrowhead was made of black felt with embroidery. The patches were sold for 50 cents and worn on the right breast pocket.  By 1957 these were replaced with the lodge's first flap.

Contributed by Webmaster Jason Spangler
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