75th Anniversary Set for Santee Lodge 116

photoTo celebrate the lodge's 75th anniversary Santee 116 issued a unique activity patch set that is tied together with a star shaped jacket patch.  This center patch featured the diamond anniversary logo and the names of the 5 OA chapters in the lodge.  The initials CC represent the home camp - Camp Coker.  The events that make up the set are Winter Banquet (January), Spring Fellowship (March), OA Week & Summer Fellowship (July/August) and Fall Fellowship (October).  Because the patch manufacturer recommended that all the patches be ordered together some of the early events saw a long delay in getting the patch issued.  The Winter Banquet and Spring Fellowship patches were not issued until Summer Fellowship.  So essentially at that fellowship you could pick up four of the six pieces in the set.  The star shaped center piece will be issued at Fall Fellowship thus completing the set.  The lodge produced 300 of each on these 6-patch set.

Contributed by Webmaster Jason Spangler
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The set is now complete! The Fall Fellowship patch and the center star shaped jacket patch were issued this past weekend. The center patch was limited to 2-per person. However, all of the activity patches that were made for the set were available on unlimited preorder prior to the event. Trust me I have a lot more of the segments than I will every be able to make complete sets out of. By the way there were 300 of each patch made by the lodge. It’s my understanding there are extras that will be sold at the 2014 Winter Banquet.

Jason Spangler - October 31, 2013