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2011 SR-7B Section Conclave Report

The 2011 SR-7B Section Conclave was held at Camp Raven Knob located near Mt. Airy, NC on April 15 - 17 and hosted by Wahissa Lodge 118. Rob Orr served as Section Chief.  He was not elected to the job, but took over after the untimely death of Michael Turner on May 1, 2010.

Over 1,300 Arrowmen arrived on Friday for the annual conclave event.  Everyone moved in safely and prepared for a grand evening.   Following dinner in the large camp Dining Hall the Scouts headed to the OA Arena for the big show.  The show started with Section Advisor Bud Harrelson being repeatedly hit in the face with pies.  Bud challenged the lodge chiefs to meet an attendance goal and they met it.  The show continued with speeches by various VIPs and a presentation on the exciting activities planned for this year’s event.

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2011 SR7B Conclave Report

Submitted by Website Editor Rick Horne
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I just wanted to thank you for this great overview of the 2011 Conclave held at Raven Knob by Wahissa Lodge. I was the youth chairman of the Conclave for Wahissa. I wanted to give you a small update – Jonathan Holt was elected to the Section Vice Chief of Program position, but later removed himself from the role after a few months and I actually held the role for the duration of the term (approx. 9 months) after being appointed by Rob Orr and approved by the COC. Just thought I would provide this fact if you desire to edit the report.

Thanks again for a great report!
Bradley G. Taylor

Bradley Taylor - February 19, 2014