119 Tomo Chi-Chi

Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119, the Coastal Empire Council’s Order of the Arrow organization, was formed in May 1938 with the assistance of Bobwhite Lodge 87 from Augusta, Georgia. Bobwhite Lodge conducted an Ordeal and an induction ceremony at Camp Strachan for eighteen Ordeal

candidates. These eighteen Ordeal members and one Brotherhood member (the lodge’s professional advisor) who transferred his membership from another lodge became the charter members of Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119.

In June 1938, Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119 conducted its first Ordeal. Eight additional members were inducted into the lodge. Also, one Brotherhood member moved his membership to the lodge. Now, the membership of the lodge consisted of 26 Ordeal members and two Brotherhood members and started the long tradition that continues today of cheerful service by Brothers of Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119.

The Order of the Arrow’s Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119 was named after the Creek Indian chief, Tomo Chi-Chi, who was befriended by General James Edward Oglethorpe upon his arrival in 1733 to form a new English settlement (Savannah) along the Savannah River near Yamacraw, Tomo Chi-Chi’s village.

Today, Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119 has approximately 350 members in three chapters within the Coastal Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America.


Tomo Chi-Chi 119 Merger: New Math (119 + 229 = 99)

In case you haven’t heard, this is the last year that Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119 and Pilthlako Lodge 229 will operate as Lodges within the Order of the Arrow. On February 3rd, 2014 the final Partnership Proposal was presented by the Merger Committees of Coastal Empire Council (99) and Okefenokee Area Council (758) to the …Read More

Valentine’s Day for Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119

I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Troop that the 2010 Lodge Chief was a scout in. We were sitting around a table discussing what the theme for the next year should be, and I was telling them that with 11 lodges in the section, that many of the ideas that they coming up with …Read More

Tomo Chi-Chi 119 Anniversary Flap from 2010

At the 2010 Dixie, there were a lot of Lodge flaps with a “100th Anniversary of Scouting” theme on them. Two of the older boys in the lodge, Josh MacMillan and Jared Butler, who attended the 2009 NOAC and traded patches, saw that Tomo Chi-Chi didn’t have one. So, on the drive back from Dixie, …Read More

75th Anniversary Spurs Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119 Patches

In preparation for the Tomo Chi-Chi Lodges upcoming 75th anniversary, it was suggested by one of the “lodge elders” that the lodge make both a jacket patch and a lodge flap. I leaned forward on this and contacted Todd Knaperek from Tsali Lodge who is a Graphics Artist and had done a lot of patch …Read More

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Memorabilia History

The Most Beautiful Swiss Patch From Tomo Chi-Chi 119

The Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119-R2 is, in my opinion, one of the nicest examples of Swiss embroidery from 119. I might be a little biased, as I was just a Cub Scout when these patches were issued to my dad and older brothers, and I didn’t get my hands on one (and corresponding flap) until …Read More

Tomo Chi-Chi 119 Dixie Host Service Flaps

The 2007 Dixie host flaps (designed to match the current CSP at the time) didn’t come in until well after the event, if I recall correctly, the first ones (S36) arrived in the mail around the early part of that summer, while S37 and S38 were given out at the Annual Meeting that fall. There …Read More

Purple People Eaters from Savannah GA

At one of the Dixie Fellowships in the mid 1980’s, Tomo Chi-Chi’s theme was “Tomo Chi-Chi is grape!” or “purple people eater” or something along those lines. Johnny Odom and Pete Mastopoulos would know more. Two of the elected youth at the time, Johnny Odom and Robert Hadwin, hand silk screened and cut purple pieces …Read More

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