Merged Lodges

In late 1991 General Greene Council headquartered in Greensboro merged with neighboring Uwharrie Council of High Point, NC.  The charters of the affiliated Order of the Arrow lodges, Tali Taktaki Lodge 70 and Uwharrie Lodge 208, expired on December 31, 1991.  The new council was named Old North State Council and on January 1, 1992 a new lodge was formed.  The lodge chose the name Keyauwee, the name of a local Indian tribe, the number 70, and the River Otter as its totem.

In 1994 Cherokee Council, headquartered in Burlington, NC, merged with Old North State Council.  Tsalagi Lodge 163 merged with Keyauwee Lodge 70.  The new lodge was named Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge 70.  The name means “We Three Friends” in Cherokee.  The red-tailed hawk is the lodge’s totem.


Tali Taktaki Lodge 70: Big events filled 1938!

1938 was an eventful year for Tali Taktaki Lodge! In April Joseph H. Brinton, National Chief of the Order of the Arrow visited the lodge’s annual meeting at Camp Graystone. There were representatives from East Carolina Council and Winston-Salem in attendance. Executives in both councils were considering forming OA lodges and took this opportunity to …Read More

1942 OA National Meeting to be in Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill was the site for two large Scouting events in the 1930s. The “Carolina Jubilee” was held on the grounds of UNC in 1935 and 1938 (and again in 1941). Over 1400 Scouts from North and South Carolina attended the 1938 event including OA National Chief Joseph A. Brunton, Jr. Greensboro Council Scout Executive …Read More

Tslagi vs. Tsalagi “What’s in a name!”

A new Order of the Arrow lodge was chartered by Cherokee Council of North Carolina in 1939.  The new Arrowmen wanted to name their lodge “Cherokee”, but were disappointed to learn that a lodge in Birmingham, Alabama already was using that name.   Some unknown individual suggested the Native American word for Cherokee using their language …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Tslagi Lodge 163 Arrowheads

Tslagi Lodge 163 was chartered in 1939 by Cherokee Council and issued its first patch in 1953.  The design for this first patch was a kneeling Indian chief drawing a bow.  According to Blue Book there are three distinct issues with this basic design.  They are as follows: A1 – Indian has Green belt and …Read More

The Rarest OA Issue In All of North Carolina

Blue Book Issue: Tali Taktaki C1 I am not sure when the first of these was presented, definitely prior to the ’37 Jamborees. I do know lodge officers and the Degree Team were issued one each at the Friday night Court of Honor at the Guilford County Courthouse. The Degree Team Traveled around North Carolina, …Read More

Life Member Patches Carry Across Three Lodges in NC

In the mid-1980s Uwharrie Lodge 208 started a Life Member program.  While other lodges had these programs, Larry Warlick credits the NC Wildlife Commission’s offering of a lifetime hunting license as giving him the idea to suggest it for his lodge.  Following approval of the Lodge Executive Committee, Brothers could pay a flat fee and …Read More

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