331 Klahican

Klahican Lodge, Order of the Arrow, was chartered on January 22, 1946 to the Cape Fear Area Council, BSA headquartered in Wilmington, NC.  The Council Executive Board had approved the application for a lodge on October 17, 1945.  The lodge was organized by TaliTaktaki Lodge.  The first installation was held February 22 & 23, 1946 at Camp Singletary.  The camp was on Lake Singletary in Bladen County, NC and was owned by the state.  The ceremony was conducted by a team from Tuscarora Council’s NayawinRar Lodge with help from Wahissa lodge. Seven scouts and three scouters were in the first class. OA tap outs & inductions were held each week of summer camp in 1946.  The first lodge chief, J. D. Barnes, was elected in 1946.  Lodge No. 331 and the name Klahican have been in use from the charter date.  Klahican means trap in the Delaware Indian language.  The Venus Fly Trap which is the lodge logo is indigenous only to the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina. It is a meat eating plant that is known the world over for both its uniqueness and beauty.  Klahican Lodge is the only OA lodge with a carnivorous plant as its totem.



Chapters of Klahican 6-Patch Set

Introducing Klahican Lodge 331’s latest fundraiser: The Chapters of Klahican Lodge 331 Patch Set! Klahican Lodge is pleased to offer this set of unique chapter patches. Each set includes all six patches: five pocket flaps and one back patch. The pocket flaps will fit around the pentagon-shaped back patch. The pocket flaps represent the chapters …Read More

Klahican Lodge 331 Cardinal Conclave Host Issues for 2014

Klahican Lodge 331 will host the 2014 SR7B Conclave at Camp Bowers the weekend of April 25-27.  The conclave is expected to bring over 1,000 Arrowmen to White Oak, North Carolina.  In a stroke of luck for patch hounds the neighboring council and lodge are hosting the 2014 Dixie Fellowship just under two hours drive …Read More

Klahican Lodge 2018 Vigil Weekend

I received the following message from Matthew Bull of the Cape Fear Council and Klahican Lodge 331 today. It explains the new patch that will be issued by the lodge at their upcoming Winter Fellowship and Vigil Weekend. We would like to invite you to attend the Klahican Lodge Winter Fellowship & Vigil Weekend to …Read More

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Memorabilia History

The History of Klahican Lodge 331 – 7 Page PDF File

Former Lodge Chief Sam P. Douglas, Jr. in a 2008 interview described the tap out and Ordeal in 1952.  “There were never more than 2 tap outs and they were always at scout camp.  There were no troop tap outs.  The votes were done in individual troops and you were elected, I guess, much the …Read More

Klahican Memorabilia Guide Online – Michael Ryan Author

Another lodge has a free online memorabilia guide available to help collectors dive in deep. I’ve had this particular book on my shelf for many years since I spent 18 years living in the footprint of the Cape Fear Council. Michael Ryan first introduced this book as a three hole punch all color book several …Read More

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