459 Catawba

In 1926, a local scouting achievement and honor society was founded at Camp Steere in Mecklenburg County.  Using ceremonies based on Native American ceremonies, the Order of the Pawnee was Mecklenburg Counties Pre-OA Society for the next 25 years.

Although discussion about starting an Order of the Arrow Tribe first started in Mecklenburg County in late 1942, it would take several years for this to happen.  Through the efforts of Fred Vantresse, John Holland, and Gene Grimes, Catawba Lodge #459 was officially chartered on June 18, 1951.  The lodge chose the hornet’s nest as its totem.  The name “Catawba” was selected as it was name of the local Indian Tribes in this region.  The translation of Catawba means “People of the River”.

With the help from the Itibapishe Iti Hollo Lodge #188, Catawba Lodge’s first Ordeal was held in the summer of 1951.  Since its formation, Catawba Lodge has hosted several Conclaves and Dixie Fellowships and has won numerous awards at these events.  In 2015, Catawba Lodge will have the honor of hosting the SR5 Dixie Fellowship at Belk Scout Camp.  This is a significant date as 2015 is the 100 year anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.


New Variation on Catawba Lodge Vigil Guide Dangle Patch

The first ever Catawba “guide patch” was the honored Elangomat S-63 flap. This was first released in 1998 and was only able to be earned after successfully elangomat-ing for a clan during an Ordeal Weekend. A limited quantity of only 300 were produced. In the following year, the S-64 Vigil Guide flap was first awarded …Read More

Catawba Lodge 459 Gone Huntin in 2014

Catawba Lodge has a tradition of manufacturing its activity sets with a matching theme and this year they’ve gone country.  The lodge set goes with a theme of “Gone Huntin” and as you can see it works the camouflage look in with a stylized Meck. The Dixie set is visible here and includes the special …Read More

Catawba Brings Back The Vigil Flap

Some of you may know that in December of 2016 the National OA lifted their ban on lodges issuing flaps to recognize different levels of membership in the Order. While it’s strongly discouraged (I think that’s the language) there is no longer a prohibition. Many lodges in the Carolinas had Ordeal-Brotherhood-Vigil (OBV) sets prior to …Read More

Catawba Lodge 459 Golden Arrow Awards

Each Spring since 1954, Catawba Lodge has participated in the Annual Dixie Fellowship. This is a fellowship meeting where all lodges of our area come together for fun, fellowship, and a learning experience. In 1954, the area lodges attending the annual Dixie Fellowships first established the Golden Arrow Award. This annual award is presented to …Read More

The Order of the Pawnees – Catawba Lodge PreOA Society

One candidate for membership described the Pawnees as one of the ugliest bunch of people he had ever seen. Walt Smith and others in 1926 felt that Camp Steere needed an achievement organization that the campers needed to fulfill during their week in camp. Almost every camp in the country developed a service oriented group …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Catawba Lodge F1 First Flap

The Catawba Lodge A-1, F1, F2, and S1-S4 were one per life.  If you have ever gotten one of these flaps or patch series and noticed the tiny snaps in the corners, these were there to prevent sewing the flap onto the pocket.  In order to receive the S4 Brotherhood Flap that was distributed in …Read More

Catawba Lodge History of the A-1

The A1 was created by Gene Grimes, one of the founders of Catawba Lodge in recognition of Ordeal Candidates.  The design of the A1 includes the hornet’s nest, which is the totem of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  The long running Catawba Lodge tradition of the hornet’s nest with the crossed peace pipe and tomahawk, and …Read More

Catawba Lodge History N-1 Classic Neckerchief

The cartoon bee, as it is affectionately known, was designed to be worn by the Catawba Lodge Delegates to the 1965 NOAC Convention.  Unfortunately, these did not arrive in time for the convention and were not issued to the delegates.  As a result of the delayed shipment of the N-1 Neckerchief, the Lodge chose to …Read More

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