296 Nayawin Rar

The history of Lodge #296 goes back to the latter part of the 1920's with the incorporation of the honor camper organization known as Ku-ni-eh. This was one of several camping organizations across the country developed to keep the interest the older boys in scouting. We have traced the use of this society to as early as 1926, although it may have been used earlier. This society was used until the formation of the Lodge in 1945 (there was a stipulation in the lodge charter that existing Ku-ni-eh members would automatically become lodge members).

In 1944, a young executive from General Greene Council (Tali Tak Taki Lodge #70), named Bob Wolff, came to Tuscarora Council as Scout Executive. Mr. Wolff brought a rich tradition of the O.A. from Greensboro, where he had attended the 1938 and 1940 National Meetings. Bob began the quest to form an O.A. Lodge in Tuscarora Council. Through several correspondences with George Chronic and H. Lloyd Nelson, the paper trail had begun. On April 5th, 1945, the Camp Committee made the resolution for the installment of an OA Lodge in Tuscarora Council. On May 23rd, we were given approval from the National Council and on May 25th, approval for the National Lodge was complete. The Order of the Arrow had a Lodge affiliated with the Tuscarora Council in Goldsboro N.C.

Next, the lodge needed a name and totem. At the time the Lodge was being organized a group of arrowmen were meeting for the purpose of finding a suitable name for the Order of the Arrow's newest lodge in a building at Tuscarora's old camp near Goldsboro. The building was located near a campsite called Nighthawk Ridge. Finally, late one evening, several people were sitting outside and noticed the Nighthawks swooping across the deep blue sky in the moonlight. That was it!! The lodge totem was to be the Nighthawk in a deep blue sky on a moon lit night. With the help of a member of the Dept. of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, a congressman and the library of congress, the name of the lodge was supplied as it is written in the Tuscarora language.


Old Nayawin Rar Newsletters Tell A Story

One of the neat pieces in the archives of many collectors are old lodge newsletters.  The beauty of these documents is that they are a snapshot in time detailing the life of a lodge like Nayawin Rar 296.  The 1975 Vol 1 issue of The Nighthawk is a great example of this in that it …Read More

Nayawin Rar 296 Lodge Building Fund Patch

The Lodge had a new fundraising patch that was put on sale Saturday morning of the Winter Fun Fellowship, The Lodge Building Fund Patch.  This was a Solid patch that had the look of a 2 piece set, but was not. It is listed as X7. Proceeds from the sale will be going to the …Read More

Nayawin Rar 296 Gold Card Registration Flap

In 2013, Nayawin Rar Lodge started a new program, the Gold Card Registration. This is basically a way to pre pay for the whole year of events at one time and at a discount, and by doing so there was a special gold bordered standard flap given to each member that registered this way. This …Read More

2014 Nayawin Rar 296 Winter Fun Fellowship

The Brothers and Sisters of Nayawin Rar Lodge 296 gathered together on January 24-26, 2014 for their annual Winter Fun Fellowship at Camp Tuscarora in Four Oaks, North Carolina. Of the three main events the lodge holds each year, this is the only one that they do not hold any ordeals. They concentrate on Fun, …Read More

2003 Nayawin Rar 296 Conclave Service Flap

How to tell the REAL Flap from the fake In the past few days I have noticed on eBay a few of these FAKE service flaps being sold. The REAL flap that was issued at the 2003 Conclave is shown below. You will notice that the flap has left and right borders that go all …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Nayawin Rar 296 Chartered in 1945 – Lodge History

The First Induction. Since we were a new lodge with no O.A. members who have been through an O.A. ceremony, we needed help. June of 1945. Lodges in Wilson and Raleigh were inactive (per Mr. Wolff’s notes) therefore, Mr. Wolff asked some of his friends from the western part of the state (Central N.C. Council) …Read More

Nayawin Rar 296 1st Jacket Patch

The Nayawin Rar 296 1st Jacket Patch was issued back in the early 1980’s. Over all this time, I was not aware of a variety or variation of this patch. Well that was until a couple days ago, when I was informed by a fellow lodge collector of this. The patch was designed at the …Read More

Early Nayawin Rar Membership Pin

I recently acquired a merit badge sash from Charles B. who earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1942 in Tuscarora Council. In our conversation regarding his scouting days he commented on being inducted into the Order of the Arrow with his younger brother during summer camp in 1945. Soon after the camp season had …Read More

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