221 Muscogee

June 15, 1942 marked two beginnings for scouting in central South Carolina. One was the official opening of the new Camp Barstow at its Gaston area location. The other beginning was the chartering of Muscogee Lodge #221. Mr. J. Rucker Newbery, editor of the first OA handbook, and the degree team from Augusta, GA helped to start the lodge and preformed the first ceremonies.

On March 14-16, 1947 Muscogee Lodge hosted the first Area Z Conclave meeting at Camp Barstow. Roscoe Stevens, who was then Scout Executive, was also the Area Z leader that year. This is probably the main reason why Muscogee Lodge was chosen to host this pioneer event. For only three dollars, the brothers of Area Z came together for this historic event.

In 1995 Muscogee Lodge and the Indian Waters Council said goodbye to Camp Barstow in Gaston, SC only to say hello to the new Camp Barstow on the Little Saluda River. The first summer of operation for the new Camp Barstow was in 1996; however Muscogee Lodge began holding Fellowships and Ordeals at the new camp as early as August 1995.



Muscogee Lodge Deja Vu

Sometimes when seeing a patch you have that déjà vu experience and you think to yourself, “Where have I seen that before?” Here are a few from Muscogee that conjure up that feeling. (Images are courtesy of Jason Shull unless otherwise noted) The 1985 Spring Fellowship patch was based on the 1959 Camp Barstow patch. …Read More

Muscogee Lodge 116 First Patch Designs

At the end of 2022 Muscogee Lodge 221 and Santee Lodge 116 merged as the councils had already tied the knot in August of that year. At a joint Winter Banquet held on January 7, 2023 in Sumter, SC the youth of the new lodge voted on bi-laws and elected officers for the coming year. …Read More

New Muscogee 221 Ceremonies Patch In The Works

At the recent Fall Fellowship it was decided to issue patches in recognition of an Arrowman’s participation in ceremonies. The idea comes from the current Elangomat round that can be purchased, one per person, by those serving in that position at Ordeals. The discussion allowed for patches to be made for Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil …Read More

Muscogee Lodge 221 Elangomat Flaps

The Nendawagan Elangomat Program is a recognition and incentive program for Elangomats proposed for Muscogee Lodge 221. Its name is derived from the Lenâpé word Nendawagan,meaning “A torch”. It is in recognition of those Arrowmen who by exceptional service as an Elangomat, serve as guide to other, newer Arrowmen, much as a torch is used …Read More

Muscogee Puts These Flap Designs To A Vote

Prior to the fellowship there was a Facebook discussion about the OA 100th anniversary flap design, most of the comments on the design were from adults in the lodge and a few designs were posted. The youth in the lodge were referring to the Facebook thread during the fellowship and submitted several more designs at …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Muscogee 221 YS2 Prototype

Elusive Muscogee Lodge 221 Prototype I’ve sent this in to oaimages.com but they don’t appear eager to update the Muscogee Lodge listing.   I traded for this prototype with Jason around the winter of 1992 and it’s the only one that I’ve ever seen in nearly 20 years of collecting. This one has been tucked …Read More

Muscogee Lodge 221 R2 On The N/C – Little Brother Can Pack a Big Punch!

I previously wrote about Muscogee’s first issue, the 5-inch Round (R1) that was issued with the materials to be sewn onto a neckerchief. Shortly after the issue of the R1 came its little brother, the 3-inch Round (R2). These have a similar design only smaller in size, and are found both on and off a …Read More

Muscogee Lodge 221 First Issue R1 – The 5″ Round

In 1949 Muscogee Lodge issued its first patch, a five-inch round neckerchief patch, was sold along with a white silk neckerchief that was made from an old parachute. The neckerchief and patch sold, as a set, for five dollars. Because of the high cost they sold rather slowly, and were still being sold in the …Read More

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