118 Wahissa

In 1938 the Winston-Salem Council chartered an Order of the Arrow Lodge. The name "Wahissa" was chosen which means "happy place". The council later became Old Hickory Council and the lodge chose the calumet or peace pipe as its totem. The lodge is very active in staffing and supporting the council's camp, Camp Raven Knob.


Wahissa Lodge 118 FeatherFest Indian Affairs Training Event 2007-2013

Wahissa Lodge 118 has a rich history when it comes to Indian affairs. The lodge has produced 7 National Drum Team Champions and 5 individual National dance champions. This particular training weekend was started in honor of the passing of Joshua Matthew Davis. Joshua Matthew Davis DAVIS Mr. Joshua Matthew Davis, 22, of Swan Creek …Read More

2014 Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree – December 12-13 in Winston-Salem NC

2014 Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree When: Friday December 12th 6pm-11pm and Saturday December 13th 9am-4pm Where: Hopewell Moravian Church 701 Hopewell Church Rd Winston Salem, NC 27127 The Old Hickory Council, BSA / Camp Raven Knob Historical Association will hold its 21st Annual Old Hickory Trade-O-Ree in Winston Salem coming up December 12th-13th. This event is …Read More

2014 Old Hickory TOR in Winston-Salem NC Memories

This video slideshow has scenes from the Old Hickory TOR hosted organized by Matt White and the Old Hickory Council, B.S.A./Camp Raven Knob Historical Association. The show was held on December 12-13, 2014 at Hopewell Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The TOR was a big hit with Saturday being the best day. There were …Read More

Wahissa Lodge “Early Registration” 2014 SR7B Conclave Patch

Wahissa lodge once again this year offered members an incentive to sign up early for the 2014 SR-7B Conclave. Many people over the past few years think we have had a “delegate” patch for Conclave, but in truth the only thing we have produced have been early registration patches to get people to sign up …Read More

Wahissa Lodge 118 – 75th Anniversary OA Issues

Wahissa 118 recently issued a new flap set and jacket patch to commemorate their 75th anniversary. Pictured below with the J7 Backpatch are the following flaps: S37 – Camp Lasater Commemorative (brown bdr) S38 – Lodge Chiefs Commemorative (White bdr) S39 – Camp Raven Knob Commemorative (Yellow bdr) S40 – OA Rededication Commemorative (Red bdr) …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Wahissa Lodge 118 Cook Crew History

Many people across North Carolina have seen a variety of issues from Wahissa Lodge’s Cook Crew. Not all of them are recorded in their entirety on collecting sites we all use. The first Wahissa Cook Crew Issue was from 1975. It has the year date on it and has “Charter Member” on the patch along …Read More

Mystery Solved! 1962 6A Fellowship Neckerchief Clone

Here is some background on a piece that has always gotten a lot of attention for North Carolina Conclave collectors, and a little more information that helps to shed light on why it was issued. In 1962, Wahissa Lodge Hosted the Area 6-A Fellowship at Camp Raven Knob. In addition to the patch, a light …Read More

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