Dixie Fellowship

The Dixie Fellowship is the Order of the Arrow conclave for 11 lodges that stretch along a center line across the North Carolina / South Carolina border.  In the west it reaches Asheville, NC (Tsali 134) and dips down into eastern Georgia with Augusta (Bob White 87) and Savannah (Tomo Chi Chi 119).  The name was first coined for the event in 1952 and this annual gathering has been held every year except 1969 when no conclaves were held across the country.  Through different alignments the Dixie has contained as many as 14 different lodges in multiple configurations over time.  Since the early 2000s the current makeup of 11 lodges has held firm.  The memorabilia issued by the Dixie is highly collectible and has a history that dates back to the 1947 Area Z patch.  The modern Dixie includes a variety of items including member lodges producing memorabilia promoting their spirit theme for the weekend.


2014 Dixie Fellowship Design From Santee 116 Host

It is not official yet but it looks like the lodge leadership has settled on this design for their 2014 Dixie proposal.  The design was originally done by C.J. McIlrath and refined by well known graphic artist Todd Knaperek from Tsali 134.  The proposed theme for the event is “United In A Life Of Cheerful …Read More

Patch Artwork Proposal for 2015 Dixie Fellowship Hosted by Catawba

  Submitted by Lodge Editor Larry Banks Please leave comments below!

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Memorabilia History

1973 Dixie Fellowship Neckerchief A Rare Find

Many Dixie collectors were keeping their eyes on the auction featuring the rare 1973 Dixie neckerchief to see if she would hold her value. Let’s just say the question was answered in the affirmative. This n/c has a neat story for collectors. In 1973 the host lodge was pretty tight with their ordering of memorabilia. …Read More

1960’s Dixie Fellowship Neckerchiefs Are RARE

There are many collectors who have attempted to put together a patch collection for the Dixie Fellowship.  Far fewer is the number that have tackled trying to get all the official neckerchiefs issued for the Dixie. You can take the patch collection back to 1947 if you want to go deep into the era of …Read More

1956 Dixie Fellowship Sign Blows Them Away

For the website I don’t usually make posts about individual items for sale but this one caught my attention. Somehow a seller in Iowa ended up with a sign that somebody grabbed as a souvenir from the 1956 Dixie Fellowship held at Camp Old Indian. Whoever created the sign had some skill. It’s a piece …Read More

Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode #11: OA Mugs Unboxing

You will see the smile on my face when one of my biggest regrets is erased with the Boy Scout collection that I unbox in this video. During a move I broke one of my most treasured OA mugs. Then through a stroke of luck the replacement mug literally landed in my lap. This video …Read More

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