236 Un A Li’yi

In the midst of the great war, forty three candidates went through their ordeal at Camp Ho-Non-Wah along the shores of Bohicket Creek. It was May of 1943. The newly formed Unali’yi Lodge #236 is a member of Coastal Carolina Council based in Charleston, South Carolina. Unali’yi is a dream fulfilled for the new scout executive Chief J. Rucker Newbery, a close friend of our founder, Dr. E. Urner Goodman. In 1952, Unali’yi Lodge hosted our second fellowship with all lodges in Area 6-B attending. Chief Newbery named the event “The Dixie Fellowship”. Through the years lodges have come and gone, and area numbers have changed but the Dixie has remained a constant. In 1977, when Unali’yi hosted the twenty fifth anniversary of the Dixie Fellowship, we came full circle, as our brothers were joined at Camp Ho-Non-Wah by both Chief Newbery and Dr. Goodman, one of their last events together. Today, Unali’yi Lodge is stronger than ever, with more than one hundred new ordeal members joining our brotherhood during 2013.


Un A Li’yi Lodge 236 New Issues for 2014

It’s the 70th anniversary of Unali’yi Lodge and there is a new flap to celebrate the occasion! There were a total of 500 flaps made for this issue. Unali’yi Lodge has released their 2015 NOAC fund raising flap with a production run of five hundred flaps. Those registered to go to NOAC have been selling …Read More

Doc Southard Shares His Un A Li’yi Knowledge

Jim Southard is a collecting legend in the Carolinas having caught the bug way back in the 1950s.  He is very passionate about his home council and lodge.  During a Digital Cracker Barrel organized by John Pleasants with help from Larry Lane, Doc Southard shared what he knows about the Native America issues from Un …Read More

Un A Li’yi 236 Dixie Fellowship Issues

Un A Li’yi Lodge 236 hosted the Dixie Fellowship in 2013 at Camp Ho Non Wah on Wadmalaw Island near Charleston, SC.  This post shares the official Dixie items as well as the host items for that year.  The lodge has a tradition dating back over the last several times they’ve hosted of using the …Read More

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Memorabilia History

The Big 3 From Un A Li’yi – J. Rucker Newbery’s Flaps

Throughout the 1960’s Unali’yi Lodge had a very active and award winning dance team. In 1962, Chief Newbery awarded dance team and pageant participants with the IP ’62 or Indian Pageant flap. It is estimated there were about one hundred flaps made and given to participants. The 1963 Dancers flap was given to the lodge …Read More

Un A Li’yi Lodge 236 1950s Neckerchief Slide

The first national event item issued by Unali’yi Lodge was not a patch, but a mini neckerchief used as a neckerchief slide by brothers attending the 1953 National Jamboree. This small neckerchief actually predates our first flap (1954) and first one per life silkscreen neckerchief issued by the lodge (1958). Submitted by Lodge Editor Gary …Read More

Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode 4: J. Rucker Newbery’s Flaps

In this episode of the videoblog for CarolinaOA.com called Cloth Talk 2.0 the hosts Hank Birdsong and Jason Spangler dive into their collections to talk about the super rare Dancer flaps from Un A Li’yi Lodge 236 in Charleston, SC.  For many state collectors these are among the hardest issues to get and certainly would …Read More

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