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In 1938 Arrowmen of Bobwhite Lodge 87 in Augusta, GA helped charter Tsali Lodge 134 of Daniel Boone Council in Asheville, NC. The Lodge was named after the Cherokee Chief Tsali who sacrificed his own life so those of his people could remain in the Appalachian Mountains. The lodge totem is that of the “bow”. Within the bow are two letters of the Cherokee alphabet, which spell out Tsali’s name.

For many years the lodge flap pictured the lodge’s totem and five Cherokee Indians that represent Tsali, Tsali’s Brother, the Cherokee chief Utsala, and Tsali’s two sons. Though these are not the current issue, the design was in use for several years and many lodge members will still have them on their scout uniforms.



Tsali Lodge 75th Anniversary Issues

Tsali commemorated 75 years in 2013 with a flap (S88) and jacket patch (J8).  These patches were designed by Bill Dyar, the lodge Indian Affairs adviser and national champions dance team adviser.  There were 200 jacket patches produced and 300 flaps produced. Submitted by Website Editor Hank Birdsong Please Leave Comments Below!

2014 Dixie Fellowship – Tsali Lodge 134 Flap

Here is a new design for the Tsali Lodge 2014 Dixie Contingent designed by Todd Knaperek. The flap has not yet been issued, this is a production scan from the patch company. The flap will be sold on the first day of Dixie fellowship. Todd went a little retro, putting the old five Indians (Tsali, …Read More

Tsali Lodge 134 Celebrates A New Honor Group

The next Tsali flap will most likely be the 2014 “Honor Group” flap. Tsali began the “Honor Group” series in 2012 with a flap honoring the cook crew. The 2013 “Honor Group” flap recognized arrowmen that served as Elangomats. The next “Honor Group” flap recognizes members of the ceremonies teams, including torch bearers and folks …Read More

Tsali Exceptional Service Flap

Tsali Lodge pocket flap- S40 “Exceptional Service” Only 20 of this rare issue exist, all are numbered and have a notarized certificate of authenticity with embossed Tsali Lodge seal. Flaps were sold originally for $200 each. This is only the second time that this issue has been offered on eBay. Only two of these rare …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Tsali Lodge 134 F1 First Flap

The Tsali F-1 was the first flap issued by Tsali lodge.  The simple design pictured the mountains of Western North Carolina with the lodge totem and smoke rising from a Cherokee hut.  A fully embroidered version of this design was repeated on the S-9.  After the F-1 every lodge flap (except the S-9) pictured the lodge’s …Read More

Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode 2: The Tsali Lodge Big “4”

Order of the Arrow collectors know that every lodge has some killer issues that make or break your collection. In this video Hank Birdsong of Tsali Lodge 134 in Asheville, NC talks about the four OA flaps from his lodge that are the monsters to get. Jason Spangler is also part of the conversation in …Read More

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