117 Croatan

On June 8, 1938 East Carolina Council chartered an Order of the Arrow lodge. Croatan Lodge has a rich history that has been a positive influence to the Boy Scouts of Eastern North Carolina. The name "Croatan" was chosen due to the local Indian tribe. The word is from the Algonquin Indian language and interpreted as "dark yellow". The original totem was the "Virginia Dare Oak Tree" but over time became the deer, an animal prevalent in the eastern part of the state.  The first Vigil Honor recipient was in 1952.

Currently, Croatan Lodge provides great service and leadership to its council's camps at East Carolina Scout Reservation - Camp Boddie and Pamlico Sea Base.


Croatan Lodge Conclave Flap

Croatan Lodge will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the OA with a Birthday Party Theme at Conclave.  There will 1000 Flaps in circulation.  They will go on sale at the March Ordeal.   Wayne Miller Croatan Lodge Patch Advisor

Croatan Lodge 117 History – the 1930’s

In February of 1937 Council Executive John J. Sigwald, Assistant Scout Executive George Thomason, and the Council President Mr. F.C. Harding from Greenville, attended the annual regional meeting in Columbia, South Carolina. At this meeting a session on the Order of the Arrow was held by E. Urner Goodman. Following the meeting the councilmen discussed …Read More

Croatan Lodge 117 Fall Fellowship Report

Fall Fellowship was held October 17-19th at Camp Boddie. Our youth members competed in Volleyball, Quest, Ceremonies, and Dancing. We also held our elections and voted on the new officers for 2015, which were installed at the Lodge Banquet in November. We also began working on the plans to host the 2016 SR7B Conclave. Submitted …Read More

Croatan Lodge 117 History – the 1950’s

Less is known about Lodge leadership and activities during the 1950’s. Stratton Murrell became Lodge Chief in 1950. He led some members of the Lodge on an exciting 200-mile canoe trip down the Tar River. In 1952 Jack Mentus took over the position of Lodge Chief. He served on the Camp Charles staff for a …Read More

2015 MSU Delegate Set Released

Croatan Lodge will be sending a large delegation to the 2015 NOAC at Michigan State University. We will celebrate our heritage by incorporating many themes from Lodge Patches from the past. This will be a 5 piece set which will include a Center Patch and an East Carolina Council CSP. One unique aspect of the …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Croatan Lodge 117 F1

While many OA lodges began issuing flap shape patches in 1957 and 1958, Croatan Lodge did not issue its first flap until 1960.  This cut-edge, twill flap had a design similar to the lodge’s series of arrowhead, odd shape patches that were used from 1953 – 1959.  There is a skinny, blue deer jumping inside …Read More

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