185 Atta Kulla Kulla


Atta Kulla Kulla 185 Wooden Flap

In early 2013 Atta Kulla Kulla issued a wooden flap. The funds went to the NOAC 2015 fund to send boys to the 100th anniversary of the OA National conference. Submitted by Justin Carlisle with image by Danny Ryan Please Leave Comments Below!

Atta Kulla Kulla 185 Chillin With Some New Hats x3

The lodge just started selling three distinct styles of hats to members for $13 each.  I’m sure we will see some of these being sported at the upcoming Dixie Fellowship! Submitted by Chris Jensen Please Leave Comments Below!

Atta Kulla Kulla LLDC Whippoorwills

Each January, the lodge holds a Lodge Leadership Development Conference on the same day as the Winter Banquet. This day long training is run by the lodge officers and includes various training session as well as games and activities. The patch for this event is a cut edge Whippoorwill with the year on it. These …Read More

Atta Kulla Kulla Leather Flaps

As a fund raiser for our lodge, the Atta Kulla Kulla ECM decided to make a leather flap for our lodge. Both were designed as exact duplicates of our standard lodge 185 flap. The “leather” flap was a pre order for $20 and was made first available at our 2013 Fall Fellowship. The leather flaps …Read More

Tumble To Dixie With AKK

Atta Kulla Kulla lodge 185 members will be well hydrated at this year’s Dixie Fellowship. Thanks to these very cool Tervis Tumblers the lodge has had commissioned. The small 16 oz is $25 and the larger 24 oz is $30. Not a bad deal considering they come with a lifetime guarantee.. Anyone interested can order …Read More

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Memorabilia History

Toughest AKK Flap To Get – Only 100 Made

Atta Kulla Kulla 2000 NOAC Delegate Most of the flaps produced over the years by Atta Kulla Kulla are easy to find. This is a great thing if you are attempting to collect our flaps. It makes completing an Atta Kulla Kulla flap collection very attainable. The one exception to this is our 2000 NOAC …Read More

The Toughest Chapter Patch In The State of SC?

Through the years, several chapters of Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge 185 have issued patches and other type of memorabilia. The Southbounders chapter was the first chapter to make a patch within Atta Kulla Kulla. In 1980, the district was called Greenville South, along with the chapter name.  Per an agreement with the district members and …Read More

Atta Kulla Kulla Belt Buckles through the years

Atta Kulla Kulla has issued several belt buckles over the years. The first belt buckle came out in the early 70’s and had a brassy appearance. This simple belt buckle said ATTA KULLA KULLA on the top and bottom with an arrow in the middle. This design was made popular by the National OA office …Read More

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