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2014 Carolinas Indian Seminar Set

Each year in January, the Eswau Huppeday lodge hosts the Carolinas Indian Seminar that is held in Statesville, N.C. The Indian Seminar is a great place to learn anything and everything about Indian events, drumming, dancing, etc. Capped off on Saturday evening with a pow-wow. This event is attended from Indian enthusiasts from across the country and tends to get bigger every year. This year's patches include: participant, Staff, and Instructor issues, enhanced by a gold inner border signifying the lodges' 50th anniversary.











Submitted by Lodge Editor David Barger
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I have a pretty good collection of these. This event was started in the mid 1980s (the first patch I’ve seen is either 1986 or 1987). When Eswau Huppeday rejoined the Dixie this event trumped the Section Seminar that used to have a Native American focus and it was discontinued. I believe the final SR-5 Seminar was held at Camp Old Indian in 1997.

Jason Spangler - February 14, 2014