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2014 Nayawin Rar 296 Winter Fun Fellowship

296 event patchThe Brothers and Sisters of Nayawin Rar Lodge 296 gathered together on January 24-26, 2014 for their annual Winter Fun Fellowship at Camp Tuscarora in Four Oaks, North Carolina. Of the three main events the lodge holds each year, this is the only one that they do not hold any ordeals. They concentrate on Fun, Fellowship and LLD Training. There were 7 different training classes held during the weekend.

The lodge also had two special SR-7B VIP’s in attendance for the weekend. These were Stephen Frein, SR7B Section Secretary, from Occoneechee Lodge 104 and Zach Brown, Lodge Chief from Wahissa Lodge 118.

Saturday evening was the Lodges annual Winter Banquet. This year was a little different. The meal was not catered, it was prepped and cooked by the Lodges Cook Crew, with a main course of thickly sliced ham served with all the fixin’s.  : )  After dinner, the lodge installed the newly elected 2014 officers. The lodge also recognized the Vigil Class of 2013 and those lodge members that received any awards.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Wesley Drennan
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