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Area 6-A goes to 1958 NOAC

The six lodges currently in Section SR-7B have enjoyed being together in the same section for over 70 years.  This close association has led to friendships between Arrowmen and a number of traditions.  This camaraderie can be traced back to the 1950s.

On August 23, 1958 a contingent of 37 Arrowmen from Area 6-A boarded a charter bus in Greensboro for a trip to Lawrence, Kansas for the 43rd Anniversary National Order of the Arrow Conference.  The delegation was led by Area Advisor Julius Hayworth and Doc Lewis and included delegates from Tali Taktaki, Uwharrie, Tslagi, Klahican, Occoneechee, and Nayawin Rar Lodges.  The opportunity to travel together helped the various lodge officers and members to form friendships that helped Area 6-A grow into one of the best areas in the country.


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