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Catawba Lodge F1 First Flap

459The Catawba Lodge A-1, F1, F2, and S1-S4 were one per life.  If you have ever gotten one of these flaps or patch series and noticed the tiny snaps in the corners, these were there to prevent sewing the flap onto the pocket.  In order to receive the S4 Brotherhood Flap that was distributed in 1973, the Ordeal Flap had to be turned in, hence the need to snap the flap onto the pocket versus sewing it on.  The Ordeal Flaps that were turned in were re-issued to new Ordeal Candidates.  The F1 that was produced in 1952 had a production run of 100 and in 1953, the F2 only had a production run of 140.

Contributed by Lodge Editor Larry Banks
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