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OA Belt Buckles of with Matt Delk

Matt Delk has been collecting OA belt buckles for many years. During that time he has put together an impressive accumulation of buckles from the Carolinas including the Georgia lodges Bob White 87 and Tomo Chi-Chi 119.  In this video shot in January 2014 he shares his collection and explains a little of the history on how these belts changed over time.  The first few minutes are him explaining some of the history and at the 6:00 minute mark he starts in on the Order of the Arrow buckles from lodges covered by the site.  Please leave a comment if you have an OA buckle featured in the video - or even better if you have one Matt doesn't!

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Great information here from a great collector. I wonder if the early buckles were ordered and/or distributed for specific events, perhaps banquets? It seems that some of them were only available for a short period of time, due probably to the limited quantity that was ordered.

Greg McDaniel - February 20, 2014