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Old Nayawin Rar Newsletters Tell A Story

VOL 75 No 1_Page_05One of the neat pieces in the archives of many collectors are old lodge newsletters.  The beauty of these documents is that they are a snapshot in time detailing the life of a lodge like Nayawin Rar 296.  The 1975 Vol 1 issue of The Nighthawk is a great example of this in that it takes you back into the middle of the 1970s now almost 4o years ago.  The issue is a fun read - for example there is a call in there from Ricky "Shady" Grady looking for five assistant kitchen stewards to help out with the upcoming Ordeal.  The other striking thing reading this in the 21st century is how many times when a person needs some feedback like Mr. Shady he leaves his mailing address - ah the magic of email!

Click to read the 1974 Vol 14 #1  issue of The Nighthawk

Click to read the 1975 issue of The Nighthawk

Submitted by Lodge Editor Wesley Drennan
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