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Purple People Eaters from Savannah GA

Tomo Chi-Chi F8 Flap

Tomo Chi-Chi F8 Flap

At one of the Dixie Fellowships in the mid 1980’s, Tomo Chi-Chi’s theme was “Tomo Chi-Chi is grape!” or “purple people eater” or something along those lines. Johnny Odom and Pete Mastopoulos would know more. Two of the elected youth at the time, Johnny Odom and Robert Hadwin, hand silk screened and cut purple pieces of felt with an image of the lodge flap to be given out to contingent members. When they were done, Johnny had the idea to make some with red and blue felt that he had. Six of both the red and the blue were made. Johnny claims they were made for the four youth elected positions, the Staff Advisor, and the Lodge Advisor. When Johnny handed them out, the response was something along the lines of “I don’t want this” or “You can have it.” So, Johnny ended up with all six sets. One set was sold to Jim "Doc" Southard. Another set went to someone in the Midwest. And Johnny says that he has the other four sets, as well as the screen that was used and more of the original felt. In my humble opinion, F6 and F7 would not constitute a lodge issue.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Alan McDonald
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