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Santee Lodge Kicks Off Dixie Host Set With 2014 Winter Banquet

Santee Lodge 116 returned to Myrtle Beach, SC for it's annual Winter Banquet for the first time since 1996.  The lodge banquet was held at the Sea Mist Resort on January 4th.  The day was more than a banquet however with an LEC meeting and the first full Dixie staff meeting.  For patch collectors this night was significant because it is the beginning of a Dixie host set.  Each of the lodge activity patches from 2014 match the design of the Dixie Fellowship patch.  The only thing that is changing is the wording and colors in the background and border.  For some collectors in the section who like to have it all when it comes to Dixie this will be on their needs list.

Santee Lodge 116 Winter Banquet 2014 Patch

Santee Lodge 116 Winter Banquet 2014 Patch

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