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Tali Taktaki Lodge 70 First Flap

Tali Taktak First Flap S1

Tali Taktak First Flap S1

In 1957 Tali Taktaki lodge chief Steve Glass designed the lodge’s first flap.  The fully embroidered patch has a lakeside scene with a youthful blue heron standing on a gray stone.  The lodge restricted the patch to two per member per year.

This design continued unchanged from 1957 to 1976.  During this twenty year period there were numerous loom runs and some minor variations.  The main distinguishing feature is the shade of blue in the sky.  No one can say for certain when any particular variety was made, but when collectors began cataloging the issues, they designated the flap with light blue sky as the “first flap”.

In 1976 the national leadership of the BSA requested that all Order of the Arrow lodges begin including a BSA trademark on all issues.  A fleur-de-lis was included on similar designs of the lodge flap over the next 25 years.

Contributed by Lodge Editor Rick Horne
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Was the restriction ever lifted? If so, when?

Dave Scocca - November 21, 2013