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Tomo Chi-Chi 119 Anniversary Flap from 2010

119 - S40At the 2010 Dixie, there were a lot of Lodge flaps with a “100th Anniversary of Scouting” theme on them. Two of the older boys in the lodge, Josh MacMillan and Jared Butler, who attended the 2009 NOAC and traded patches, saw that Tomo Chi-Chi didn’t have one. So, on the drive back from Dixie, they came up with the design of S40. The flap was meant to come out before the 2010 Jamboree that summer, but it was a couple of weeks late. They were issued at the 2010 Annual Meeting (Fall Fellowship, for everyone else). 1000 flaps were made. Yes, you read that correctly, that was not a typo. One thousand flaps were made.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Alan McDonald
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