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Tomo Chi-Chi 119 Dixie Host Service Flaps

Tomo Chi-Chi S36

Tomo Chi-Chi S36

The 2007 Dixie host flaps (designed to match the current CSP at the time) didn’t come in until well after the event, if I recall correctly, the first ones (S36) arrived in the mail around the early part of that summer, while S37 and S38 were given out at the Annual Meeting that fall. There were 420 of the black border (119-S36). They were restricted to the lodge members who paid for and attended Dixie at 6 or 7 per person at $6 a piece until they were all sold out. There were 30 of the yellow border (S38) and 50 of the blue border (S37). They were given to the Brothers who attended certain work days in preparation for the Dixie. To get the yellow, you had to attend all of the work sessions, 30 hours, and the blue was 15 hours. All the people who got the yellow border also got the blue border. None of these were sold, you had to earn them.

Tomo Chi-Chi S37

Tomo Chi-Chi S38





Tomo Chi-Chi S38






Submitted by Lodge Editor Alan McDonald
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Dear Alan: Great aeticle, like the # of each flap. Another Tomo History of Flaps would be the Felts from the 80’s and how many were made for the Tomo Dixie Lodge Members. Look to see you at Dixie 2014. Jim Southard

Jim Southard - April 19, 2014