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Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119 Teepee Patch X1

Tomo Chi-Chi X1 "teepee"

Tomo Chi-Chi X1 "teepee"

The X-1 “Tepee Patch” was the first patch made available to members of Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge. Legend goes that…. The emblem is made in the design of an Indian tepee symbolizing that our order is based on the legend that surrounds the Native American Indian. The open door and the plume of smoke coming out of the top of the tepee signifies that our Brothers will always offer a cheerful welcome to all Scouts and Scouters who may enter our lodge. The peace pipe with the cloud of smoke emerging from the bowl signifies that our membership will ever strive to promote the friendly spirit of brotherhood and service to others. The three feathers suspended from the stem of the pipe represent the Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Honor members of our Order. The Blue Heron is our lodge totem; the wearer of our lodge totem pledges to uphold the three cardinal principles of our order: W W W. Mikanakawa Lodge 101-N3 and N4 series, and Mowogo Lodge 243-X1, X2, and X5 (they also have an R1 which is similar to the early round series from Tsali Lodge 134) also imitate this open tepee design. When I first saw the 243-X1, I thought that it must be a stock design. In my research for this article, I realized that the 119-X1 and 243-X1 were too dissimilar and that my first conclusion was probably not correct. Some of the X1’s were sewn onto a blue fabric by one of the early lodge members (or chiefs?) mothers, making a neckerchief. This was not an official issue by the lodge, but is still a nice historical item to find.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Alan McDonald
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