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Tsali Lodge 134 Celebrates A New Honor Group

134-honor-groupsThe next Tsali flap will most likely be the 2014 "Honor Group" flap. Tsali began the "Honor Group" series in 2012 with a flap honoring the cook crew. The 2013 "Honor Group" flap recognized arrowmen that served as Elangomats. The next "Honor Group" flap recognizes members of the ceremonies teams, including torch bearers and folks that prepare sites for the ceremonies in addition to the ceremonies team themselves.

All of the "Honor Group" flaps are made available to lodge members, 1 per member, when they are first produced, fullfilling the lodge requirement that all flaps are to be made available to the entire lodge membership. Normally 200 flaps are produced. 100 are sold (& sell out quickly) and the rest are distributed by the adviser responsible for the group to members of the group as they are earned.

Submitted by Website Editor Hank Birdsong
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