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Tslagi Lodge 163 Arrowheads

Tslagi Lodge 163 was chartered in 1939 by Cherokee Council and issued its first patch in 1953.  The design for this first patch was a kneeling Indian chief drawing a bow.  According to Blue Book there are three distinct issues with this basic design.  They are as follows:

A1 – Indian has Green belt and Black eye

A2 – Indian has Green belt and Brown eye

A3 – Indian has no belt and Brown eye

This order was assigned by area collectors, but when an early lodge member was asked about the patches, he recalled receiving the A2 arrowhead first.  He was active in 1953 and still has the patch that was first presented to him.   When the lodge reordered the patch over the next few years the three issues resulted.  These were used until 1958 when the lodge’s first flap was issued.

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