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Wahissa Lodge 118 – 75th Anniversary OA Issues

wahissa 85th annivWahissa 118 recently issued a new flap set and jacket patch to commemorate their 75th anniversary. Pictured below with the J7 Backpatch are the following flaps:

S37 - Camp Lasater Commemorative (brown bdr)

S38 - Lodge Chiefs Commemorative (White bdr)

S39 - Camp Raven Knob Commemorative (Yellow bdr)

S40 - OA Rededication Commemorative (Red bdr)

S41 - Wahissa Founders Commemorative (Black bdr)

S42 - Old Hickory Council Commemorative (Red Border)

A second jacket patch and a neckerchief were also issued via preorder, and will be Pilates as soon as they are available.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Homer Dearmin
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