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What is is a website where a community of avid Boy Scout memorabilia collectors are working to share the history of the memorabilia from North Carolina, South Carolina and a small part of Georgia. There are 17 active Order of the Arrow lodges in the territory included in OA sections SR7B and SR5. The video below introduces the concept and includes the three founding editors of the project: Hank Birdsong, Rick Horne and Jason Spangler. If the player widget below doesn't load you can also follow this link to YouTube.

The twin focus of the site is fresh news and creating an archive of the "patch stories" that many lodges have. The individual lodge editors will bring us news from what their lodge is issuing. This inside scoop might include plans that are in the works or any other neat tips that they can share with other Scouters that collect that lodge. When there is not breaking news then the lodge editors will go back in their own archives and share a story about an interesting piece from the past. By passing down this knowledge to the next generation of collectors the website will preserve the unique story of the memorabilia from the Carolinas and eastern Georgia.

The two OA sections that are covered by the website each year host the biggest conclaves anywhere in the country with over 1,000 arrowmen in attendance. Therefore, the website will also document the memorabilia issued for the Cardinal Conclave and the Dixie Fellowship. This focus will also include an archive of pictures, booklets and history for these events.

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